Duo with Grégoire Maret

Andy Milne and Gregoire Maret

My relationship with Grégoire began in 1999 when he played on a few tracks for my 2nd CD, “New Age of Aquarius”. It blossomed over the next 5 years while he remained a member of Dapp Theory. In particular, Grégoire & I explored our mutual passion for beautiful melodies by performing a few select standards on Dapp Theory gigs as a way to give air to the more dense textures of the full group. In 2005 I was approached by ObliqSound to do this recording. It was through this invitation that I made a stronger commitment to exploring multiple projects as a way to further my artistic development.

Initially, I composed a few songs specifically for this recording, however many of the tracks on this CD are free improvisations which we created in the studio. In each case, our goal was to listen very carefully to how we could create provocative sounds and scenarios, with an openness to playing our instruments in ways we hadn’t done in the past. Before going into the studio, we did a few gigs in New York at the Jazz Gallery to develop our sound and now that the CD is finished, I can’t wait to return to life performance to continue our collective explorations.

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