Andy Milne Solo Piano

Andy Milne Solo Piano

While “Scenarios” was in the early planning stages, my close friend, guitarist Tim Posgate suggested I record a solo piano CD. He even gave me a couple of gigs in Toronto at the Red Guitar so that I could develop my concept. A few months later, I had the good fortune of meeting SongLines owner, Tony Reif and he expressed his interest in recording me in solo piano. Great, but what will I record? I decided to mostly perform the music of other composers because generally the bulk of my recorded output had been of original music. I knew I didn’t want to make a standards CD but I knew I wanted to explore the art of the song through material familiar to a broad audience. I chose to mine the folk music of my childhood because I felt this music was rich with meaningful, strong melodic content. Although I was tempted to re-harmonize every nook and cranny of these songs, opted to discipline myself and keep it simple and play the song. My intent was to respect the spirit of the composer’s melody, while looking for personal and creative ways to express my own relationship to the song, without regard to style. I sincerely hope I’ve given each of you a unique and renewed friendship with some old acquaintances.

Dreams and False Alarms
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