Where is Pannonica?

Where is Pannonica
Where is Pannonica?
Andy Milne & Benoît Delbecq
SongLines Recordings, 2009
1. Portrait of Giorgio Thelos
Full Track
2. Task Sharing
3. Divide Comedy
4. Ice Storm
5. Le Même Jour
6. Mu-Turn
7. Chander Logic
8. Pyramides
9. Water’s Edge
10. Trespassing


Produced By:
Amandine Pras, Benoît Delbecq, and Andy Milne
Executive Producer:
Tony Reif

Rolston Hall, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada
(January 26th-28th, 2008)

Engineered by:
John Adams, Graemme Brown, and Amandine Pras
Brian Losh
Amandine Pras and Andy Milne
John Adams, Amandine Pras, Nathan Chandler, and Andy Milne at The Telus Studio, The Banff Centre
Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rebecca Birch (front cover) and Laura Vanags & Laurence Svirchev (booklet)
Graphic Design:
Sylvie Astié @ dokidoki.fr
Video Production:
Saki Murotani
Andy Milne (SESAC/GEMA, Triborg Publishing) (1,4,7,8,9,10,11)
Benoit Delbecq (SACEM) (1,2,3,5,6,8)
Steve Coleman (SESAC/GEMA, Goemon Publishing) (12)
Special thanks to:
Steve Bellamy, Bill Pace, Theresa Leonard, Barry Shiffman, and Tony Reif for your support in helping make this collaboration come to life
Thanks also to:
Susan Dadian, Amandine Pras, Graemme Brown, John Adams, Bert Picknell, Tim Brook, Mo Gupta, Lana Palmer, Saki Murotani, The Banff Centre 2008 Winter Residency Participants and Staff, Nigel Boehm, Fred Hersch, Ethan Iverson, Mark Nelson, Alexis Baskind, and Emmanuel Morlet for your friendship, enthusiasm, and support.
Where is Pannonica? has been made possible with support from Chamber Music America and French American Cultural Exchanges CMA/FACE French-American Jazz Exchange Program, funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, The Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Cultures France and FMEO – Le Bureau Export de la Musique Française. This recording was made possible through the assistance of the Canada Music Fund and the Music Section of the Canada Council for the Arts, and The Banff Centre.


Liner Notes
For eighteen years, we’ve waited to enjoy a glass of wine with poultry, overflowing with irony: our two questing spirits in pursuit of the sound of our muse. Today we celebrate another step in getting there, being there. This phase begins with two buses stopped along the Trans-Canada in the frigid cold. In the middle of a long journey, neither of us realizes the mere 10 meters that separate us; a distance that shrinks as we discover our deep brotherhood and growing trust while traveling this road together. Synergy that expands by leaps and bounds daily… Miraculous.

Soon we find ourselves finishing each other’s jokes, musical phrases, and conceptual suggestions. The strange coincidences of our personal experiences during this journey make for an uncanny backdrop to this movie.

So, Where is Pannonica, anyway? Is she looking out her terrace over Nica’s Eights wondering how it will all come together or fall apart? Perhaps hearing strains of Pyramides will transport her to other worlds beyond Muhal Hill. She might find humour in watching the legacy of Giorgio Thelos’ poetry outlive his innovative methods for raising poultry in the mountains of the Bow Valley.

On the 18th day, B proposed some Task Sharing to give the rhythmic synapses a break. A responded favorably, enthusiastically devouring every suspended contortion.

We couldn’t possibly call it an ice storm in the Rockies with the average temperature outside flirting with –25 °C on a daily basis, but running back to our studio from Props Pub was often a risky journey on ice. During one storm, we glided in eighths through a 21-count double-vision vamp, so treacherous that even with special footwear, we needed some playful training to keep standing.

After the storm broke, Mal and Steve dropped by for a divided comedic break, with 5’s pulling against 3’s and 4’s, until finally some textures from a previous experience returned to surround us with an electric recap burst from the digital society.

Occasionally unrevealed time divisions appear, but when they lead to a new harmonic vision, it’s almost always because our comrade Chander is nearby. As is always the case, something funny accompanies his presence, a sort of “I know this one too…” smile. A wrote about such an experience, anecdotally paying tribute to that very unique life style we associate with Chander’s suspended Logic.

Later Le Même Jour, we got into a playful game of pursuit, with A chasing B, the older brother leaping through a meadow of prepared obstacles, leaving space for his sibling to catch-up along the way. A positioned himself in the distance, near the southern edge of Rolston Woods, albeit a somewhat disadvantaged perspective to that of his older brother, and trusting B’s lead, found his way back to the foreground.

As the two brothers came together to explore the Danish Micro Turn, they opted against plucking, in favor for strumming, using some hair they acquired from Cheryl’s friend Nigel. Moving into the 27 eighths, A decided to think about 13.5 fours.
Standing next to water has often been a source of inspiration for poets… however during winter in the land of the holy springs, there is no such place except for when one fully revisits this statement while visiting the hot springs themselves. But would one call it the water’s edge? If experienced in two distinct states, part one is perhaps characterized by water which seems to fall quickly, while the second part requires an appreciation for water slowed down by the frost – a phenomenon best observed through the window of a warm room.

After much discussion, we decided that our closing remarks would echo the footsteps of those who came before us. Who on earth has not been caught trespassing? – The later the better! Our instrument has been played by thousands who have passed away… but how many have died while playing her? To exorcise this axiom and give it a blink, A opted to feather the frame and low end, and mute the middle with bits of obsolete latex. B helped flank the truism of it all, drowning into the vibe and provoking electronically processed variations of the freely unrehearsed sounds. Pannonica listened gleefully, … remembering.

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