New Age of Aquarius

New Age of Aquarius
New Age of Aquarius
Andy Milne’s Cosmic Dapp Theory
Contrology Records, 1999
1. It Takes a Village (5:12)
2. Bermuda Triangle (6:21)
3. Free Man in Paris (7:49)
4. Strictly Stern (5:08)
5. The Phoenix Cycle (5:13)
6. Generations (6:56)
7. Gettin’ Paid (3:36)
Full Track
8. Why 2K? (4:04)
9. Jerry’s Kids (4:01)
10. The Millennium Bomb (4:56)
11. End Rap (0:32)


Produced By:
Andy Milne & Sean Rickman
Executive Producer:
Andy Milne

Andy Milne – piano, keyboards
Gregoire Maret – harmonica
Kokayi – vocals
Mark Prince – drums
Rich Brown – electric bass

Vinia Mojica – vocals (3 only)
Sean Rickman – guitar (10 only)
Patrice Blanchard – bass (3 only)
Recorded By:
Sean Rickman @ Zone One – College Park, MD
(01/07-08/99 & 05/27-28/99)
Recorded By:
(track 3 only)

taken from a concert recorded by Radio-Canada in Montreal, Quebec on 10/15/98
Michel Larivière & Denis Leclerc (engineers)
Daniel Vachon (producer)

Sean Rickman & Andy Milne
@ Zone One – College Park, MD
(01/09/99 & 05/29/99)
Dick Rausch, Sean Rickman & Andy Milne
@ Innerface, Annapolis, MD – 05/30/99
Cover Photography:
Jimmy Katz
Original Paintings:
“The Garden of Delights” – Hieronymus Bosch
Graphic Design:
Jorge Krüger, Oasis Duplication
Design Concept:
Andy Milne
Design Consultant:
Jonathan Hausman

All compositions by Andy Milne and published by Triborg Publishing, (SESAC/GEMA), except

Free Man in Paris, (Joni Mitchell – Crazy Crow Music – ASCAP)

Special Thanks:

In the making of this CD, a million thanks to Kokayi, Mark, Patrice, & Vinia for the thousands of miles you’ve logged for the cause. Gregoire, Rich, and Sean for adding your vibe to the music. Davina & Gladys Cannonier for sitting in on Generations. Everyone, for your creativity, commitment and contributions. I couldn’t have pulled it off without you. Barry, Joey, Kenny, Coco, Kimberly, Ronnie, Evelyn & James for your hospitality.

Additional Thanks:

More thanks to Henri & Pierre for helping in “Operation Fix My Finger” back in 96′. Sandra & Velores for listening and diffusing tension. Elizabeth, Dan, Iris, Jan, Lee, & Zarina for making the LA trip a success. Brad Strickland @ Korg, David Sweet @ Mackie for the gear. Janna, Michaela, Natalie, Sophia, Chris, Gene, Jonathan, Ravi, Tim, Becky, Christie, Martha, my parents, & my wife Sophie for your love, support and guidance.

Liner Notes:

The Great Millennial fake out! Are we being duped, or can we look back and see a link between ancient wisdom and our Y2K problems? For literally 1000’s of years, numerous individuals and civilizations have prophesized the great transformations of our world. As we await the arrival of the next millennium, it appears we have become obsessed with predicting our future. But to truly fathom what lies ahead, we’ll have to await the arrival of time itself. For the manifestation of the next age may not become apparent for another 500 years.

From our earliest moments in life, our body begins to split from our spirit. It is precisely this duality which fragments our understanding of who we are. Beyond this inner breach of knowing, is the everyday battleground where we are forced to judge which philosophy, religion, level of consciousness, work of art, or value system is “best”. Philosopher Ken Wilber suggests that by examining each of these levels of mind as though their diversity formed a spectrum of consciousness, analogous to the spectrums of light and sound, we might better serve our quest for spiritual oneness. When we began to employ Wilber’s model to interpret our world, mankind will evolve towards the more peaceful and tolerant society envisioned by those who have predicted the coming of the Aquarian Age. Although intellectual theory is significant, the execution of ideas is of ultimate importance. We need to assert “real” shifts in our perception and behavior. Too many institutions and individuals in the western world are guided by an outdated philosophy. What is needed is a new paradigm.

The music on this CD was inspired by numerous sources and offers both a snapshot of where we are now, and what we might need to move forward. It takes a village to safeguard the needs of the planet, our cultures and families. By using technology to serve these needs in harmony with compassionate communication, humanity may be capable of transforming the selfish institutions (conspiracies) which dominate our economic landscape. If our destiny is foretold by the cosmos, we can no longer ignore universal wisdom.

Andy Milne

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