Forward in All Directions – Acknowledgements

On September 9th, 2014, Contrology Records, in partnership with Whirlwind Recordings, will release the latest Andy Milne & Dapp Theory recording, “Forward in All Directions”. In addition to the musicians, engineers, managers, agents, consultants, photographers, graphic designers, videographers, airlines, rental car companies, hotels, and caterers, there are several Kickstarter backers I wish to acknowledge. Without their generous support, this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you – Andy Milne

Jazz Friends, Jamie Baum, Kenji Fujishima, Andrew Heintzman, John Hritz, Chris Cawthray, Mary Mester, Nicholas Fernandez, D.D. Jackson, Shifter Magazine, Rosita Castro Dominguez, Robert Lang, Marcus Choi, David Mathew, Brian Sharwood, John Mcall, David Lopato, LeRoy Downs, Ted Rothrock, Barbara Silver, Snell Family, Chere Lott, Diana Hudson, Lincoln Adler, Fabien Sevilla, John D.S. Adams, Lucy Clink, Noah Garabedian, Michael Somerville, Yvonne Ervin, Margo Itule, Ayesha Nibbe, David House, Martin Mueller, Delbecq Benoit, Gaby Warren, Kathy Kilmer, Don Somerville, Mike Rood, Yves Constantin, Christopher Lewis, Tracy Snow, Quinsin Nachoff, David Roitstein, Ken Druker, Robert Mee, Dan Milne, Amel Gorani, Madeleine Macdonald, Kirk Marshall, Victoria Stewart, Tim Brook, Iain MacKinnon, Deborah E. Beatty, Steven Green, Christina Johnson, Rebecca Milne, Martha Milne, Mike Prigodich, Philip C. Jackson, Steve Bellamy, Bob Heddle, Rob Sandler, Andrew Beatty, Mike Milne, Robin Gambhir, Iyasu Nagata, Laura Behr, Jennie KixMiller, Matthew Crossley, Christopher Fleck, Jonathan Hausman, Deborah A. Beatty, James Nicol, Colectivo Arte Libre, Helen Schick, John McCormick.

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