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Strings and Serpents plies rhythmic forms and sonic colors in a shared language of improvisation, amid the swirling washes of projected animation.

Conceived by lead-composer Andy Milne, the 75-minute epic draws on the myth of the Rainbow Serpent as it opens new multilayered dialogues between East and West, sight and sound. The project combines the Crystal Magnets Piano Duo (Andy Milne and Benoît Delbecq), the Japanese koto duo TsuguKaji-KOTO (Ai Kajigano and Tsugumi Yamamoto), and the animation by Saki Murotani. Collectively, they explore fluid melodies and percussive prepared-piano textures, with the vivid tones of the koto in original repertoire that connects the traditional with the contemporary.




“the lyrical and the austere meld deftly in a meditative marriage of rhythm and timbre.”
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“It “feels” like the creation of the universe … soundscapes … created by combining pianos and the koto…”
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… intrepid Canadian and French jazz piano duo and an adventurous Japanese koto duo with … animation and exotic Aboriginal myth…
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(from the forthcoming release “Strings & Serpents”


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